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time spells

If any work is started on the right time or situation then chances of their results will be stronger. Time spell.

After catching of that right time, auspicious work starts in time spells. You can see times of your good works.

Time spells of special day and night is started from the sunrise and sunset. Every time spell has a time of one and half hour. According to the time spell is divided into three parts- Bright, medium,evil time spells. In all these, every one should prevent themselves to start a new work in evil’s time spells.

Days of the Week  time spells

Virtually everyone is familiar with the seven days of the week, but not many people know that they are associated with the seven planets in classical astrology. Therefore, by virtue of these associations,  each day of the week carries its own correspondences.

  1. Sunday (the Sun)- Wealth, success, achievement, authority figures, career.
  2. Monday (the Moon)- Psychic-ism, intuition, dreams, spirit-work.
  3. Tuesday (Mars)- Wars, dealing with enemies, power.
  4. Wednesday (Mercury)- Communication, healing, wisdom, commerce.
  5. Thursday (Jupiter)- Expansion, luck, happiness
  6. Friday (Venus)- Love, friendship, romance, marriage
  7. Saturday (Saturn)- Protection and psychic attack, transformation.

In addition to these traditional associations, various practitioners may have personal ones. For example, many people get paid on Fridays, therefore they associate Friday with money and wealth and may cast spells of that nature on Fridays.

In another example,  a person wishing to cast a spell to get a new job may do so on a Wednesday if they are seeking work as a writer (because Mercury rules communication) rather than on Sunday, which is associated with one’s career.

Dark Moon – A dark moon occurs when there is no moon at all in the sky. This is a great time for efforts  of retribution, to bring down your enemies, and throw curses.

New Moon – The new moon occurs when the first sliver of the moon is visible in the night sky after a dark moon.  It is a great time to manifest anything new  begin new products.

Waxing Moon – The time between the new moon and the full moon is called the Waxing Moon. During a waxing moon, the moon will appear as a reverse C shape with the light side on the right and the dark side on the left.  The waxing moon phase is used to draw things to us.

Full Moon – A full moon occurs when the moon is completely lit up and round. Any type of spell can be done when the moon is full.

time spells time spells

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